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Global Footsteps is a volunteer-led Cheltenham based charity established in 1985 with a focus on sustainability and education, promoting unity and protecting the planet for future generations ...

Nature & sustainabilityPoverty reductionEducation

Company Secretary

Organisation role · 5–10 hrs/month
GL52 2PB, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
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Nature & sustainabilityPoverty reductionEducation
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Global Footsteps
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Who are Global Footsteps?

Global Footsteps is a volunteer-led Cheltenham-based charity established in 1985 with a focus on sustainability and education, promoting wellbeing and protecting the planet for future generations. We have co-created and sponsored projects with partners such as FoodLoose and the Aniga Women, a local organisation in Cheltenham’s twin town of Kisumu in Kenya. The charity advocates sustainability, both implemented within local authority’s infrastructure as well as conscious everyday decisions. We promote diversity of backgrounds and opinions and aspire to further develop partnerships that share our purpose, including the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees and Cheltenham Zero.

What This Role Entails

Ensure that the requirements of Companies House1 are met.

  • Properly administer and record committee meetings.
  • Verify that the list of Directors at Companies House is kept up to date.
  • Organise and administer the AGM, EGMs, and other meetings.
  • Keep membership records up to date and in line with data protection.
  • Maintain trustees and relevant individuals updated and remind of documentation required for meetings and general activities.
  • Review and assist with succession planning, including the digitalisation of office documents into our cloud system.
  • Review and format annual returns which are made to regulatory bodies2 as appropriate.


  • Ensure that committee meetings and the AGM are run according to the organisation’s constitution3 and Companies House requirements.
  • Ensure nominations for director are received in time and in the correct format.
  • Ensure voting procedures are followed correctly, including by providing proxies.
  • Ensuring that any required business is dealt with (such as the appointment of auditors).
  • Ensuring that committee meetings, including decisions and actions, are adequately minuted.
  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date membership records are maintained in accordance with the constitution and Companies House requirements.
  • Ensure that the annual return to Companies House is made on time.

1Companies House is the regulatory body for registered Companies.

2Generally, the Company Secretary will also take responsibility for ensuring that reporting is carried out for all other regulatory bodies as well. 

3The proper name for a constitution of a company is The Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Benefits to the Role

The role of company secretary would benefit someone looking to improve their technical office skills. The role would also be of interest to someone who used to work on a similar role and has experience to help us with our mission and see potential in improving operations.


  • To be able to delegate and/or be organised and methodical.
  • Have knowledge of Company law relating to the Company Secretary’s role.
  • Research accurately and work with relevant information
  • Handle confidential information and be aware of risky conducts
  • Can work independently or under little supervision
  • Have a good knowledge of the organisation’s own constitution.
  • Able to give clear advice on procedural matters.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, then reach out to us with your details and any questions you may have.

What we will provide to volunteers

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Getting there

1 spot left.
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About Global Footsteps

Global Footsteps is a volunteer-led Cheltenham based charity established in 1985 with a focus on sustainability and education, promoting unity and protecting the planet for future generations. We work with international partnerships such as the Aniga Women in Kisumu, a Kenyan Friendship town to Cheltenham, and are sponsoring and fundraising for a sustainable farming project with them. Locally we have a presence with our Portland Street office and are developing our local connections with institutions and organisations that share these similar concerns for climate change.

We are growing more engaged with local festivals and events, and we are starting to plan events and activities in our office building that will help raise our profile, improve social engagement and encourage donations. We are always looking for volunteers willing to bring excitement and diversity of mindset and innovation.