About Gloucestershire's Volunteer Awards 2024

Gloucestershire has a thriving voluntary community with an estimated 104,000 individuals volunteering in some capacity across the county.

We know that these individuals are often the unsung heroes in our communities, selflessly giving their time to support those around them. Whether it is dedicating their time to litter picking, protecting woodlands, checking in on their neighbour to mentoring young people. The list of things is endless!

Collectively, we would like Gloucestershire to take the time to appreciate our volunteers and nominate someone for one of the eight awards.

Volunteers make the world a better place to be in and that is something worth celebrating!

''Volunteers help to make our dreams reality, we couldn't do it without them!''

''Our volunteers literally change lives''

The Award Categories

We have 8 different categories celebrating volunteers who are going above and beyond in their communities.

Rising Star Award

Awarded to a young person under the age of 16 that has been volunteering in their community and has shown a commitment to their cause. This individual has a positive contribution to others and the world around them through volunteering, fundraising, or being an advocate for the people they are supporting.

Young Volunteer Award

Awarded to a volunteer aged 16-25 that has been volunteering for over a year and can demonstrate the ability to go above and beyond what is expected. This individual has contributed to their community and their volunteering has made a positive difference to others and are an example to others.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to the volunteer who has demonstrated an exemplary long-term commitment to volunteering with a minimum of 5 years’ service in volunteering. With their length of experience in their role, they bring immense value to all that they do. This volunteer might have an inspiring story which lead them to volunteering and their contribution to the group/organisation has made a significant difference in the services they provide.

Good Neighbour Award

Awarded to an individual that unknowingly is a good neighbour to all in their community. With their support they are improving the lives of those nearby. This individual might not see themselves as a volunteer, from shopping for others, checking in on neighbours, caring for their local community and people on a regular basis.

Trustee of the Year Award

Awarded to a Trustee that is committed to the charitable organisation they support. They always have the charities best interests at heart and go beyond their core responsibilities, aligning with the organisations mission and values. This Trustee will have a great working relationship across the organisation, demonstrating passion, and commitment going above and beyond in working cohesively together.

Community Involvement Award

Awarded to someone who is making significant contribution and difference to their community through their time, actions, and dedication. This person should serve as a role model and be striving to make their community a better place with a passion for helping others in the community, demonstrating qualities of compassion and resilience.

Volunteer Experience Award

Awarded to the organisation or community group that goes above and beyond to support their volunteers and ensures they feel valued and providing them with a positive experience. This organisation understands why volunteers are important within our communities and ensures that they are leading the sector as an example of good practice.

Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to a volunteer or an unsung hero in the community that makes a difference to the people on the ground level, going above and beyond for their community. This individual is an inspiration to everyone through their journey with volunteering. This volunteers contribution can be seen as nothing short of incredible, dedicating themselves to a cause they are passionate about.

Guide to Nominations

Here you will find all the information you need to nominate your chosen volunteer

Ways to nominate


Complete your nomination form directly on Go Volunteer Glos


If you prefer to speak to someone about your nomination call a member of the Go Volunteer Glos team on:


Feel free to send us an email with an questions you may have.

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