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We teach adults to read. We provide a free, confidential one-to-one service for anyone over 18 in Cheltenham and Gloucester. All our coaches are volunteers trained to teach from manuals, books and ...


Data Protection Champion

Organisation role · Flexible hours
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Read Easy Cheltenham & Gloucester
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“It’s been a life-changing experience. Last week I read a book to my grandson.

 I never read to my children because I couldn’t.” Peter, from Read Easy Poole

Thank you for considering the role of Data Protection Champion in your local Read Easy Management Team. Read Easy groups are changing the lives of individual adults across the country by providing them with the support they need to learn to read. In so doing, they are opening doors for them to all sorts of new opportunities in life.

Outline of Data Protection Champion (DPC) role

If you have an eye for detail and enjoy working alongside a diverse range of people, then why not volunteer to be a Read Easy DPC? You will liaise with members of the Team to make sure that all personal data is stored according to the Data Protection Policy, in line with General Data Protection Regulations and generally oversee that the group’s records are kept correctly and securely.

In this role you will:

●     ensure the group is operating in compliance with Data Protection Policy; and

●     ensure all volunteers receive DP refresher training annually.

Resources, guidance and support

You will be provided with the Management Team Handbook, policies, training/induction, guidance and resources specifically needed for this role, including access to support from a Read Easy UK Regional Adviser, via your Team Leader. You will also be invited to Read Easy UK’s regional forums and annual conference which give volunteers an opportunity for networking with those from other groups.


●     Ensure that all the group’s volunteers are aware of the requirements of the Read Easy Data Protection Policy and the need to abide by the guidance.

●     Determine the purposes for which, and the manner in which, any personal data is processed and stored.

●     Establish who in the group is collecting, holding and processing personal data.

●     Alert the Management Team to the potential benefits of registering the group with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

●     Deal with data protection queries in accordance with the policy.

●     Carry out an annual audit of personal data to ensure the accuracy of records held.

Person specification and qualities

●     Previous knowledge and experience in a data protection role is desirable.

●     Experience of managing personal data of others is desirable.

●     Ability and confidence to ensure that others are adhering to the Data Protection Policy and procedures.

●     Good communication and people skills, with a commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

●     A non-judgemental attitude and respect for others.

●     Time, energy and enthusiasm.

●     A willingness to abide by Read Easy policies and procedures.

●     The confidence to promote the work of Read Easy and a strong commitment to improving the lives of people who struggle with reading.

●     The ability to use initiative, work independently and to work well as part of a team.

What is in it for you? You will:

●     gain skills in demonstrating and understanding data protection and how it is applied;

●     meet and work collaboratively with new people; and

●     be active and engaged, adding value to your local community.

Commitment to the role

The role of the DPC is critical but not time-consuming. Read Easy UK requires you to carry out an annual audit of data; otherwise it is just a regular check that the team are conforming to data requirements as set out in the Data Protection Policy and being mindful of any changes. You will also need to attend monthly/regular Management Team meetings and make a general contribution to the Team. So, on average, no more than 3 - 4 hours a month.

The role is often taken an alongside another Management Team role, such as Treasurer or Safeguarding Champion, both of which are also quite light in terms of commitment. 

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About Read Easy Cheltenham & Gloucester

We teach adults to read. We provide a free, confidential one-to-one service for anyone over 18 in Cheltenham and Gloucester. All our coaches are volunteers trained to teach from manuals, books and other resources we provide. Our readers come to us from referral agencies or directly as a result of national or local publicity. We currently have 30 readers. We have 3 volunteer co-ordinators who match readers to coaches and oversee progress. We have no premises but use free facilities in local libraries and community centres. We also provide remote coaching by telephone or online to readers who prefer this.