Hope for Tomorrow

About Hope for Tomorrow

When you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis, time is crucial. How can people spend more time doing the things they love, with those they love, whilst still getting the life-saving treatment they need? How can people ensure that they can continue to have a life outside of cancer so it’s not dictated by their treatment?

Living with cancer and receiving treatment can be extremely tough – treatment can cause horrific side effects, from extreme tiredness and nausea to forgetfulness and trouble concentrating.

Additionally, the practical and financial impact of cancer care are often forgotten. People are faced with questions like:
How do I get to appointments as I can’t drive?
How will I get to appointments if I feel too ill to drive?
Can I afford to take time off work to have treatment?
Will I have to spend hours in a waiting room on my own?

In 2007, Hope for Tomorrow launched the world’s first Mobile Cancer Care Unit, which changed the lives of thousands of people suffering from cancer in England.

Today, we are dedicated to driving cancer care forward, bringing vital cancer care closer to thousands of patients.

Our vision is to enable cancer treatment to be delivered in the right way, at the right time, closer to patients who need it. Together with the NHS, we want to help as many cancer patients as possible.