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Timebank Volunteer

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This volunteering opportunity is expired You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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Fair Shares
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Sharing your time through Fair Shares gives you a way to benefit from meeting new people, building a better community and learning new skills.

Detailed description

Do you have time to share with others and make a positive difference?

By getting involved with Fair Shares, whether it's through one of our groups or by doing 1 to 1 volunteering, you can make new connections in your local community and make a difference in your own life and others.

Everyone has something they can offer, even if they haven’t realised it yet. How would you like to help others?

Some people have a clear idea of what they can offer and others might need some help. We believe everyone has something to give. Speak to one of our time brokers to find out what you could offer.

Would you like to have someone else to turn to when you need help?

Whether it's getting a prescription picked up, help in the garden, or just needing a chat, we can connect you with a fellow time bank member to give you a hand. Contact us to see how you can benefit.

Happier in a group?

If you're unsure about getting involved in 1-on-1 activities, then no worries! We have multiple community groups you can get involved with.

  • Every Monday we host a lunch club - everyone's welcome to come and enjoy some food and companionship.
  • On Tuesdays we run an arts & craft group which is very popular.
  • We have our own wood workshop, open 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday). You can come along and make things for yourself or get involved in community projects.
  • Our allotment is also open 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). You can make suggestions on what you'd like us to grow and Rachel, the allotment manager, can answer questions you may have about growing your own veg.

Getting Started

Contact us! Our Time Banks only work if we know our members well so we’re very much about getting to know you. When you contact us we will arrange for your local Time Broker to meet you in your own home.

We’ll tell you more about what we do and how it all works, then if you are interested we’ll take some details from you and find out more about what you would like to get out and put in to the Time Bank.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what you can give, we believe everyone has something to offer - it’s not all about practical tasks and being highly skilled.

We do ask each member for two references, these do not have to be work references, just people who know you well.

Sometimes we will ask you to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Baring System, previously called a CRB check) but this really depends on what you are offering to do within the Time Bank.

To apply, please click 'Join' and you will be asked a short question. We will then be in touch to discuss the next steps with you.

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support
This volunteering opportunity is expired You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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About Fair Shares

Fair Shares brings people together through the sharing of time, skills and acts of kindness.

Our time banks recognise that everyone has something to contribute and through the giving and receiving of time, we can build a place where we all help each other, create friendships and learn new skills. Everyone feels connected and valued, sharing what they can to build stronger communities.