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Megan's Story

Written by Jasper SuperAdmin

"Volunteering has definitely improved my wellbeing and helped me keep a positive mindset during lockdown"

Guest blogger, Megan Cave, shares her volunteering story.

Since graduating from university in the middle of the pandemic and not being able to work my normal job in hospitality, I found I had plenty of free time which I wanted to put to good use and help make a difference in these strange and difficult circumstances.

When I saw the vaccination centre volunteer advert back in January I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to offer my time, and that it would allow me to get out of the house for a few hours, take my mind off all the negativity surrounding lockdown, and get involved in something really positive and important.

From day one at the vaccination centre at Taunton Racecourse I have been made to feel so welcome, from the security outside to the medical staff inside. Even just a simple smile and wave when driving into the car park can make you feel like a valued member of the team.

Volunteering at the vaccination centre is so rewarding. Welcoming people to the racecourse and then seeing them leave, so happy and relieved to have had their vaccination, gives me a real sense of achievement. It is a very positive feeling knowing you are helping people get some sort of normality back into their lives. Sometimes just a simple chat from a distance can make someone’s day, and it certainly makes my day every time I volunteer!

Volunteering has definitely improved my wellbeing and helped me keep a positive mindset during lockdown, it's given me something good to focus on and made me realise that I really am making a difference to so many people's lives! 

If Megan's story has inspired you to get involved in volunteering, click on the link below.

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