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Jet Age Museum

Jet Age Museum

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We celebrate Gloucestershire’s rich aviation heritage from the early days of flight, through the birth of the Jet Age to the present day.

Jet Age Museum is staffed only by volunteers, some of whom ...

Art & cultureOlder peopleChildren & youth
Display Hall Volunteer at Jet Age Museum

Display Hall Volunteer at Jet Age Museum

Organisation role · 3–7 hrs/Week
Meteor Business Park, Cheltenham Rd E, Gloucester GL2 9QL, UK
Art & cultureOlder peopleChildren & youth
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Jet Age Museum
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Display Hall volunteers ensure the safety of the visiting public and answer their questions about the museum's exhibits.

Detailed description


1.     Aim of Volunteer Guide:


·        The Jet Age aim is to welcome and engage with visitors of all ages, especially families, to ensure that they understand and get the most out of the Jet Age Experience and our inter-active exhibits while remaining safe in the Jet Age environment.


2.     Our wish for Volunteer Guides:


·        That they are able to attend and enjoy working within the Volunteer Team and with our visitors for 2 days or 4 half-days per month or more when possible.


3.     Advantages of being a Volunteer:


·        Experience of working in the heritage sector with a vibrant and diverse community.

·        A self-development opportunity.

·        The opportunity to give something back to the community.

·        An opportunity to inspire and excite the younger generation and provide then with an experience that will help them develop as an individual and member of society.

·        Club night every last Wednesday of each month.

·        Able to enjoy working in an aviation environment.


4.     Main Duties:


General in all roles:


·        Providing excellent customer care by being polite and helpful at all times.

·        Ensuring that safety standards in the museum are maintained with any problems being reported immediately.

·        Supporting other volunteers in their specific roles. Informing the Duty Manager of unusual or difficult events that may require the DMs specific attention.

·        Exercise control of and for visitors in adverse circumstance.

·        Comply fully with the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

·        Comply with specific ToRs for role in which employed.




·        Welcome visitors to Jet Age and provide a brief explanation of what Jet Age museum has to offer.

·        Ensure visitors are aware that there is no admission cost but rather Jet Age relies on donations and if help can be given in that way it would be sincerely appreciated.

·        Direct visitors as required to the Display Hall and facilities.

·        Count visitors ‘in’ on counters provided.


Hall North:


·        Provide a presence in the Display Hall, welcome visitors and introduce youngsters to the Quiz and Treasure Trail.

·        Keep a watchful eye on the shop and help visitors with purchases (payment at Reception).

·        Keep a watchful eye on the exhibits in the north of the Hall and be prepared to answer questions or direct visitors to where they can find the answer.



Hall South:


·        Provide a presence in the Display Hall, welcome visitors and invite, when necessary, visitors to experience the open cockpits.

·        Keep a watchful eye on the cockpit equipment and ensure its and the visitors safety.

·        Keep a watchful eye on the remainder of the exhibits in Hall South and be prepared to answer questions or direct visitors to where they can find the answer.


Vulcan & Trident:


·        Provide constant presence at the cockpit/cabin when open.

·        Sequence visitors into the cockpit/cabin as required by ticketing arrangements or otherwise.

·        Provide a brief description of what is in store for the visitors when they eventually find themselves in the cockpit/cabin, and answer questions accordingly.

·        In particular, ensure visitors remain safe in ingress and egress from the cockpit/cabin.




·        Provide food and drink for payment as required on the day.

·        Operate in accordance with Food Safety Requirements detailed in Café Procedures. 

·        Clean up and Cash-up at end of the day.


Duty Manager:


·        Be welcoming to visitors and provide a managerial presence for both visitors and volunteers in duty.

·        Take the lead in adverse circumstances.

·        Ensure the safe, efficient and effective functioning of the museum during period of duty.

·        Provide a pre-opening and midday briefing for all volunteers on duty.

·        Manage the allocation of volunteers in accordance with the roster or re-allocate volunteers as necessary to cover non-attendance.

·        Provide assistance to individual volunteers when necessary.

·        Support Café and Reception function when required.

·        Ensure Volunteers receive rest breaks as necessary.

·        Cash-up Reception at end of the day.

·        Cash-up donations when required.

·        Issue report of the day’s activities to Jet Age management. 


5.     Skills and Qualities Required of Volunteers:




·        Able and enthusiastic about working with people.

·        Enthusiastic about aviation and about providing inspiration and excitement to visitors, particularly children.

·        Good communication skills.

·        Flexible/adaptable and able to deal with busy situation.

·        Willing to work alone or in a team.

·        Conducts oneself in a mature and responsible manner.

·        Reliable with good time management skills.

·        Self-motivated/shows initiative.

·        Confidence in dealing with basic questions and an understanding of when to pass more complex questions on to another volunteer or the DM.

·        Vigilant with an understanding of the need to keep visitors and exhibits safe.





·        Basic knowledge of the aviation industry, civil and/or military.

·        Basic knowledge of the theory of flight.

. Basic knowledge of aircraft operating principles.

Getting there

Location: Jet Age Museum is at Meteor Business Park, off Cheltenham Road East (the B4063), on the north side of Gloucestershire Airport. Look for the traffic lights between the large white Safran building and the Ontic building. Turn off the main road into Meteor Business Park at the lights and the Museum’s blue gates will be on your right (see pics below). The address is: Meteor Business Park, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester GL2 9QL If using the What Three Words app, the square just in front of the main Jet Age Museum gates is shift.secretly.influence There is no pedestrian or vehicle access to the Museum from the Airport. If using a Satellite Navigation System and postcode, please note that this will take you to the eastern entrance of Meteor Business Park from where you will need to follow either the main road or the internal Business Park road westbound until you arrive at Jet Age Museum at the western end of the Business Park.
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About Jet Age Museum

We celebrate Gloucestershire’s rich aviation heritage from the early days of flight, through the birth of the Jet Age to the present day.

Jet Age Museum is staffed only by volunteers, some of whom flew in aircraft we have on display. Come and visit, ask questions and learn about the history of aviation in Gloucestershire and beyond. We aim to preserve the past and inspire the future.