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Written by Emma Snell

Step 1: Create a personal profile

Before creating your organisational profile you must create a personal profile, as it needs to be linked to an individual.  This will enable you to manage your organisations profile. To create your personal profile, register by clicking on the "Create account" button on the top right of the homepage.


Step 2: Create an organisation profile

After creating your personal profile, you can now create an organisation page.


1. Click on your circular profile icon on the top right of the homepage;

2. Then click on "Create Organisation".


Here’s the instructions, and some handy tips, on how to create the best possible profile page:


Name organisation

Enter the name of your organisation.



This is the link to your organisation’s final page on Go Volunteer Glos - it will be generated automatically … you don't have to change anything. You can then use the link to the profile page as part of your organisations’ promotional/marketing work, sharing on social media etc. 


Address organisation

If you organisation has a single site – please enter this address.

If your organisation has multiple sites – you will need to select a single address. Alternatively, you can create locality specific organisational profiles and then have an address per profile (e.g. a ‘Gloucester Office’). For more help with this, please do contact [email protected]



If you have a website for your organisation, you can add it to your Go Volunteer Glos profile by providing the URL (i.e. full web address). We will then make the website address visible on your organisational profile for everyone to see. 


Type of organisation

Select from the drop-down menu provided how you would like your organisation to be identified.


About us

Here you can write information about your organisation's mission, what kind of activities you undertake and why, and any other things that are important for all your volunteers to know. This can help volunteers understand your cause and generate interest in your opportunities. This information will appear at the bottom of any opportunities posted.



You need to upload your organisation's logo – it’s required to complete the organisational profile form. Choose an image in the highest possible resolution that will look best on your page and in .jpg or .png format. If you do not have a logo, please feel free to contact Emma at [email protected] who can help with ideas. 


Cover picture

This is a larger image that represents the work that you do. To attract new volunteers, it’s vital to choose something eye catching. For example, a photo of your team or the target group you are working for as an organisation. This photo will be displayed on your organisation page and on your ‘opportunity’ pages if you haven’t added a specific photo for each opportunity.


Organisation category

Select a maximum of three categories or themes that best reflect the work of your organisation. Try to be as specific as possible so that volunteers clearly know what your organisation stands for. These will help potential volunteers find your organisation when they are selecting different activities and causes from the search filters. We recognise that some organisations need to have more than three categories. We are in discussion with the website developer to extend the number of categories that can be chosen, and hope this will be available soon. 


Step 3: Approving your organisation / Why does my organisation need to be approved and how long does it take?

After you have created your organisation, we will approve it as soon as possible (we aim for this to be done within three working days) so you can start recruiting volunteers. The approval of your organisation serves to check that the quality of the platform and those organisations advertising their volunteering opportunities is guaranteed. 

Emma Snell, Go Volunteer Glos Manager

May 2022

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